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Don't let boardroom disputes damage the efficiency and reputation of your business. It's time to break the deadlock. 

Resolving boardroom disputes

How do we remove that Director/Shareholder who is:

  • Not contributing;
  • Being paid too much;
  • Holding back our attempts to build the business?


We need to plan each step we need to take (including checking documents such as the Articles, any Shareholder Agreement and Contracts of Employment), the time needed to take each step, and who will manage the process.

Negotiated exit?

Often the best option, once you have your plan in place, is to negotiate an exit package that suits both parties.

If that doesn’t work, we will have to put our plan into action


Things get more difficult where there is no mechanism in the Articles/Shareholder Agreement for acquiring or valuing their shares

How we can help

Come and talk to us at an early stage.

We can help you with your plan of action and find a way to get around any deadlock. Get a free consultation

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