Restrictive Covenants For Businesses

Find the best way to protect sensitive information and protect your customer base when an employee or partner moves onto another business.

What is a restrictive covenant for business?

Restrictive covenants can be used by a business or employer to help with the following:

  • Protecting company data/property
  • Preventing ex-employees from competing with you for a period of time
  • Protecting your customers from approaches by your ex-employees
  • Protecting confidential information

Restrictive Covenants FAQs

How enforceable are restrictive covenants?

Providing the restrictive covenant within the contract (or stand alone document - “business protection agreement”) is reasonable in scope and well-drafted (by an expert solicitor) it is likely to be enforceable. If the wording is vague or too wide in scope, you risk not being able to protect your business interests. 

It is also important that you have a legitimate reason behind the use of a restrictive covenant, for example preventing confidential data from being leaked to competitors or your best clients being solicited.

One of our expert solicitors will be happy to help if you are interested in learning more about the enforceability of restrictive covenants.

What is an example of a Restrictive covenant FOR BUSINESS?

A post-termination restriction which prevents an ex-employee approaching your clients, or setting up in competition, or using your confidential information.

Insurance brokers, technology companies, solicitors, estate agents and investment managers are just some of the types of businesses that we work with to enforce or defend against restrictive covenants. 

How can aN EXPERT solicitor help me?

Whether you have questions about how restrictive covenants can benefit your business, and protect your assets or simply would like honest advice on any agreements you already have in place, our specialist solicitors can provide an unbiased opinion, guiding you towards a solution that is beneficial for you. Get in touch

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