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Employment Law & HR Specialists

Your "one stop shop" for Employment Law and HR advice. We provide specialist employment law advice to schools, colleges and universities throughout the UK. Protect your education organisation from financial damage and negative publicity with fixed-cost legal advice, representation, training.

Employment Disputes

We represent clients in Employment Tribunals all around the country and in the Employment Appeal Tribunal

> Employment disputes and tribunal solicitors

HR Legal Advice

Day to day advice on any HR legal issues that can cause business owners and HR managers severe headaches. From "inappropriate banter" to performance and health/disability issues. Make sure you stay on the right side of the law from the start.

> HR legal advice

Workplace Investigations

Often, your internal HR team will carry out investigations into disciplinary issues, allegations of bullying and harassment etc.

Sometimes, however, where the issues are particularly complex or sensitive, it is best for the investigation to be carried out by a specialist firm.

We will work with your HR team, and your existing lawyers if they are involved, and will make sure the work is carried out swiftly and efficiently.

Also, we can often make use of “legal privilege” to protect against the obligation to disclose all relevant documents if the matter results in a claim or an individual makes a Subject Access Request.

> More about workplace investigations

Restrictive Covenants

We advise companies who want to enforce post-termination restrictive covenants – e.g. where ex-employees have poached clients, set up in competition, or are using confidential information

We also defend ex-employees and their new employers against this type of claim

Our clients include insurance brokers, technology companies, solicitors, estate agents and investment managers

Restrictive covenants for businesses 

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We can help schools, colleges and universities of all sizes throughout the UK to navigate the HR and legal risks associated with employing people. 

With fixed costs for legal advice, you can pay hourly, monthly or even yearly to ensure you are protected from unexpected employment law issues.

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Rayner Jones

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