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May 5, 2020

Choosing your Employment Lawyer

If you are thinking about making a change in the people you use for Employment Law/HR advice – here are some reasons why you might want to work with us. 

Recent Wins

Firm of Chartered Accountants

We successfully defended this firm of accountants against claims brought by an ex-employee/partner for age discrimination, unfair dismissal and unpaid salary

The case ran over 3 days in the Southampton Employment Tribunal

National Retailer

We represented this company in successfully defending claims brought by ex-employees in Employment Tribunals in London and Southampton

Bournemouth Tech company

 A director/shareholder brought a number of Court claims arising from her removal from the business and a compulsory buy-back of her shares.

All claims were defeated.

 Law Firm

Claims were brought against this firm, in the London Central Employment Tribunal and Employment Appeal Tribunal, for unfair dismissal and sex discrimination.

Her claims were rejected by the Employment Tribunal and again by the Employment Appeal Tribunal.

Local Councils

We successfully defended a group of Councils against claims arising from restructuring of local services

Shipping company

Claims by a senior employee for unfair dismissal and age discrimination were rejected by the Bristol Employment Tribunal and the Employment Appeal Tribunal

Financial services

We have represented a number of Dorset and Hampshire companies involved in asset management, insurance, mortgage advice etc in bringing/defending claims in the Courts in relation to employees leaving and taking clients and confidential information

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Choosing your Employment Lawyer